Freedom! Today was a free day, which means, among other things, that the professors write the blog entry. We know that students did various things today. Some went to the 2004 Olympic stadium and swimming pool, some visited a flea market, some went to the zoo, some saw Hadrian’s Arch, the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the National gardens. Most visited a museum or two that aren’t in the regular itinerary, and a few even went to see a film at a Greek movie theater.

But rather than try to document in detail student adventures that we weren’t part of, we will simply and briefly note a few things we, the professors, did on our free day, and share some of our favorite pictures from the trip so far.

It was a bright, warm day. After starting the morning off over breakfast, giving students advice over breakfast for free day activities and directions to specific locales, we headed to the city market. This offers a different experience than those most Americans are used to, as illustrated in the video of butchers hawking their wares in the meat market.

In the afternoon we picnicked at the foot of the Philopappos monument on the Hill of the Muses. The hill was covered with wild arugula, butterflies were fluttering around us, the air was clear, and we could see the Acropolis in one direction, and the gleam of the sea in the other. In between marketing and picnicking, we did some laundry by hand in our hotel room bathtub—boring but necessary.

Later we previewed the Acropolis Museum, which will undoubtedly be featured in tomorrow’s blog entry after we take students there. We ended the day having dinner with an old friend in the Plaka.

Crisis Menu

All is well here. It has been a good day, on a good trip, with a great group of students. Below are some pictorial highlights of the things we’ve done in the last two weeks.

Delphi Birds

Uncharacteristically Angelic Looking

999 Stairs in Nauplion




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2 responses to “Eλευθερία

  1. Martin Salowey

    Interesting perspective with your photographs o’ sister of mine, perhaps a departure from reality or retsina? I do love the photo of the mountians at Delphi. I have to return there again at some point. Looks like a marvelous trip you have orchestrated. Marty

  2. Not just is it a palace, yet it is additionally the home of an equine using school ready for
    the public.

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